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Body Check Up

Your health is our priority.

We provide our customers with comprehensive body checkup services, that will expose any hidden illness in their body to enable them take the needed action to gain back their health. 

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For your peace of mind

Compelling & Accurate Accessments

Our whole-body scanner safely, privately and accurately allows customers to capture and track valuable data on their way to reaching their wellness goals. 

What our clients say:

I have been to many places to find out about my health challenge, but they couldn't find out the real problem, Because it was all guesswork. I heard of BS COMPANY on the Radio and decided to give it a try after THE WHOLE BODY TEST SCAN. I was surprised because They did not only expose my health problem but also told me the symptoms I was experiencing at that time. I was treated at BS COMPANY and recovered from my illness. Thanks to BS COMPANY.
Evelyn P.

A plan for everyone.


One checkin per month
N 15,000
  • Free 24/7 support
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  • e-record access
  • referrals


Rooted in Body Data

We’ve invested hours on user scans to design a robust wellness algorithm along with key academic research partners. 

Join the healthy revolution today.

Our comprehensive body checkup services eliminate guesswork. Now health professionals can now focus on the treatment instead of engaging in intelligent guessing.